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Why GET YOUR HAIR treatment at Paula m Coiffure?


30 minutes to 1 hour


Starting at $25 + tax

Why Is a Hair Treatment So Important?

Colouring and heat styling your hair causes damage. No matter how careful you are, everything you do affects your hair.
To keep your hair looking shiny and feeling healthy you need to treat your hair. It’s essential to do something nice to your hair every so often to make up for all that it goes through. We recommend weekly hair treatment that will manage the stresses of normal styling, but if you use a flat iron and have colored hair, then you need to step it up.

That’s where our salon hair treatment comes in for a deep conditioning and relaxing of your hair. Now just like you go in for facials or spa treatment, your hair requires the same level of care!

Hair Treatment & Curls

If you are one of the lucky ones, and have naturally beautiful waves, but you do not wish to go for a hair relaxer and risking to lose your natural waves, then you should definitely get a hair treatment every now and then. The beauty of the hair treatment at Paula M Coiffure is that it doesn’t affect your curls. In the contrary, it will make your hair even smoother when you wear it curly.

Google Review

"It is the best beauty salon in Montreal! They are very professional and talented and the prices are very reasonable...the environment is very welcoming and warm.. They really care so much about their clients..i'm really glad i found this salon and i encourage every lady to go there."

Deema Tashman

When Should you Need a Salon Hair Treatment?

When you colour your hair, or when your hair feels dry, dull, and your are having frequent split ends, then it’s a sign for you to get a salon hair treatment. Also, if your at-home treatment is not working well anymore, we recommend that you speak with one of our stylist to see what they can do for your hair.

If you don’t colour your hair, you’ll still benefit from a salon hair treatment. It’s a treat for your hair, like getting a regular facial. Don’t forget that some hair products damage your hair just as much as heat! Intensive salon treatments can help repair your hair.

Note, nothing will fix split ends except for a haircut, but salon hair treatments can help you keep your hair looking full and healthy for longer and stop split ends from starting.

We offer affordable Hair Treatment

Treat your hair at Paula M Coiffure for as low as 25 dollars (tax excluded). A very competitive price in Montreal for the quality of service you receive.

Google Review

''I am delighted to have finally found my hair salon. The owner (Paula) is very professional: She knew how to give me the good advice to treat my hair. I recommend this salon to you 100%.''

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