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Why GET YOUR HAIR BALAYAGE at Paula m Coiffure?


3 hours


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Creative Possibilities Are Endless With Balayage

In French, balayage means “sweeping” or highlights across your hair. The resulting subtle balayage hairstyle mimics a natural, sun-kissed effect that is all about looking sleek, modern and effortless. Balayage can be done on any hair color, from blonde hair to red hair to brown hair, just progressly soften the hair color, leaving a beautiful, natural multi-toned color. It’s beautiful on long hair and on medium-length hair. Like ombré, balayage highlights are cost-effective because they don’t require frequent touch ups, since the hair at the top is kept darker.

Is Balayage For You?

You just need to decide how big of a change you'd like and if you’ve never dyed you hair before, then balayage is a more gentle approach of dyeing. It is also a good idea to look at how you usually style your hair, as this may dictate whether you opt for balayage or its counterpart. For example, balayage looks beautiful when finished with beachy, flowing waves, while a strong bob haircut or straight hair would show off more drastic color blocking. Regardless, you can consult your hair experts at Paula M Coiffure to determine what is right for you and your lifestyle.

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"I love it! She does everything exactly they way u want it! She doesn’t leave u until everything it’s perfect with ur hair! I recommend this woman a lot for everyone!"

Sarah Ernst

We do Balayage corrections as well

If you received an unsatisfying a hair balayage from other hair salons in Montreal, rest assured we can fix it for you. We will give you a magnificent hairdo to make up for the trouble you've been through.

We offer affordable Balayage

Balayage your hair at Paula M Coiffure for an affordable price. For as low as 200 dollars (tax excluded). A very competitive price in Montreal for the quality of service you receive.

How is Balayage done at Paula M Coiffure?

Balayage highlights are freehand technique in which small sections of hair are taken from the whole head of hair and painted with a lightening agent. The application begins away from the roots and the color is swept through small, triangular sections of hair onto a board or foil, resulting in a seamless blend of the highlights and your natural hair color. The highlighted hair color is concentrated on the surface of each section, the underside remains darker, which gives the hair a very natural, dimensional effect. It produces a casual, beachy look and is extremely low maintenance in regards to touch ups.

Paula Coiffure hair color experts might combine several shades, for example, if your hair is dark, they may opt for a foilyage technique for a shimmering, dimensional result. In foilayage, instead of allowing the balayage highlights to process in the air after they’re applied, they’re wrapped in foil, which provides more heat, and therefore amplifies the lightening process. Balayage may also be combined with conventional highlights placed closer to the face, or with fine, baby-lights placed around the face and hairline for a complexion-boosting glow.

Google Review

''Paula gives excellent advice on the chosen cut and helps a lot in the choice of coloring. Excellent availability and service after coloring.''

Stephanie Locas

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