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Why GET YOUR HAIR treatment at Paula m Coiffure?


3 hours


Starting $155 + tax

What is a Hair Shine and Glaze Service?

Unlike a permanent dye, a hair shine and glaze provides translucent color and intense conditioning. It will work with the variation of tone that you hair naturally has, allowing for a more subdued shade. Basically, it adds shine and a silkiness look to your hair. It's not as harsh or permanent as regular hair color. Actually, it give your hair a very smooth surface texture that will reflect a lot more light and have a much softer feel to it. Therefore, it is not harsh like hair color!

Your hair color doesn’t change when applying hair shine and glaze gloss. Since there's such thing as a clear gloss, which is essentially a conditioning treatment for your hair so you will be basically applying extreme conditioning properties that will leave your hair super shiny and smooth!

Google Review

"Paula gives excellent advice on the chosen cut and helps a lot in the choice of coloring. Excellent availability and service after coloring."

Stephanie Locas

When Should you Need a Salon Hair Shine and Glaze?

It's probably in your best interest to get one this fall (especially instead of getting regular hair color!). That is because a hair shine and glaze will repair any summer damage you have. Espacially if you spent a little too much time in the sun and chlorine this summer. The hair gloss will return texture and deep condition to your hair for ultimate silkiness and shine.

Hair shine and glaze can also help toning down your highlights. It’s a good method to lock down your hair color and cool down your unwanted brassy pigments. If you don’t want to change the tone or pigment of your hair color, simply mention it to you hair stylist and they will use a clear gloss instead.

Hair shine and glaze is super flexible, because it fades down on its own, after about six weeks. Meaning, you have no-commitment when using a hair gloss on your hair and it doesn’t prevent you from changing your hair color in the future.

We offer affordable Hair Shine & Glaze

Shine and glaze your hair at Paula M Coiffure for as low as 150 dollars (tax excluded). A very competitive price in Montreal for the quality of service you receive.

Google Review

''The best hair dresser in town! An amazing experience, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair and beauty tips!''

Sarah Kassis

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