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Why cut your hair at Paula m Coiffure?


One hour


$52 + tax

We Get To Know You First

A haircut is more than just cutting hair. It's about defining the shape and form of your hair which in turn will make you look gorgeous. Selecting the right hairstyle depends on your physical traits such as your hair length, texture and density as well as your face shape. Moreover, factors such as age, personality and personal goals also play a big role in the outcome of your hairdo. Therefore, It is imperative for your hairdresser to spend time with you prior to doing any sort of cutting. At Paula M. Coiffure, that is what set us appart from the rest of the hairdressers in Montreal.

We Mastered The Art of Hairstyling

We understand that finding a good hairdresser in Montreal could be a tedious process. But look no further than Paula M. Coiffure. We got plenty of experience. We've seen and done almost all hairstyles so you are in good hands. Wether you are looking for a classic, funky, trendy, modern look or simply wanting to trim your split-ends, we got you covered. We will help you in the style selection process. Most importantly, we garantee your hair will look wonderful and elegant.

Google Review

“Paula was so nice, squeezed me in the same day and took the time to give me an incredible haircut at a really good price :) will definitely return!”

Patricia Goerner-Potvin

We do Haircut corrections as well

If you received an unsatisfying a haircut from other hair salons in Montreal, rest assured we can fix it for you. We will give you a magnificent hairdo to make up for the trouble you've been through.

We offer affordable Haircuts

A haircut at Paula M Coiffure is affordable at no more than 40 dollars (tax excluded). A very competitive price in Montreal for the quality of service you receive.

How can I get a Hairdo at your Hair Salon?

Step 1: Book a Haircut Appointment (or Free Consultation)

Paula M Coiffure allows you to book an appointment through multiple means. You can book online using our effortless online self-booking service and you only pay after receiving the service. You can also book by phone, email, whatsapp or facebook messenger.

Step 2: Getting To Know You & Hair Examination

Once you show up, you will have a talk with the hairdresser. She will ask a few question about the purpose of the haircut (split-ends trimming, new haircut), what hair style are you after and for what occasion? The hairstylist will then examine your hair and let you know whether your choice of haircut is suitable for you (or even doable) and aide you in the selection of an alternative haircut should that be necessary.

Step 3: Relaxing Hair Wash & Transformative Hairdo

Your hair will then be given a wash then the hairdresser will get right in to it. In the mean time you'll enjoy the warm and inviting environment with perks such as free beverages, free wifi connection and without worrying about your parking meter (free parking).

Google Review

Paula is wonderful. Went for a trim a few weeks ago to see if I liked it, and went back two days ago to go from long to short hair. She did an amazing job, I love the cut and will definitely be returning. Great prices and great service. Highly recommend.”

Gina D'Alessandro

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