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Why Get A tanino Hair treatment at PAula M Coiffure?


4 to 5 hours


Starting from $280 + tax

What is Tanino Treatment (Taninoplasty)?

The Tanino hair smoothing treatment consists of smoothing and moisturizing the hair in a natural way. It's 100% Organic. Unlike Keratin treatment the procedure does not require excessive use of dryers and flat irons.
The composition of the product counts on the tannins, substances in some vegetables, mainly the bark of macerated grape, chestnut and oak. Overall it is less intrusive for your hair. It's the ideal hair straightening solution if you wish to give you hair a break from all kinds for hair straightening products and tools.

Difference Between Tanino and Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Other then being more natural than Keratin, Tanino treatments have shown to last longer than Keratin treatments.
Unlike Keratin, our hair professionals can control straightening and smoothing power by manipulating the concentration of the smoothing treatment solution to fit your hair needs.
With Tanino Enzymotherapy Hair Smoothing Treatment you can color and wash your hair right after receiving the treatment. It's not necessary to blow dry, you can leave it to dry naturally.

Google Review

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Deema Tashman

Should You Straighten Your Hair?

If you usally style your hair straight, then the Tanino hair straightening treatment could shorten your blowdry time by 40% - 60%. You will also notice that your hair is restored to healthier looking hair. You can worry free from walking in humid or rainy days as your hair won't frizz and stay straight! Also Tanino hair straigthening treatment last longer than any other hair smoothing techniques and that is anywhere around 3 months.

Frequent Questions?

How long will the tanino straightening last?
The results will last 4 to 6 months.

How often should I repeat the Tanino straightening treatment?
You must have approximately 4 cm of fresh regrowth, which will take approximately 4 to 5 months.

Is it reversible?
The effects of the service will remain in the hair until it grows out.

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