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Why GET YOUR HAIR treatment at Paula m Coiffure?


3 hours


Determined by consultation

What Is a Hair Color Correction?

Color correction works to address uneven color, hair that became too light, dark, warm or cool. You’re hair stylist at Paula M Coiffure will use the right toner to neutralize any residual blue tones left over from using too much purple shampoo on blonde hair. If traces of red are peaking through your brown color, then you’re hair stylist will use a different toner will neutralize the redness and brighten your brunette.

The most common issue is blonde hair that turns brassy (or looks “orange”) after a few weeks. This happens from the minerals in your water to sun and chlorine that can contribute to brassiness over time. Our hair stylist is equipped with the right tools to correct it.

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"Paula gives excellent advice on the chosen cut and helps a lot in the choice of coloring. Excellent availability and service after coloring."

Stephanie Locas

Who Needs a Hair Color Correction Service?

If your hair color isn't what you expected or hoped for, professionals at Paula M Coiffure can determine if you need color correction hair service through a consultation. Explain to your colorist what you were originally looking for, or show photos of what you want. Your colorist will let you know what kind of color-correction hair service you needs, in addition to providing you with some at-home treatments you can use to prevent the same hair color mishaps in the future.

No matter what look you’re trying to achieve or rock, a color correction hair service with Paula M Coiffure hair specialist is the key to unlocking your best hair color yet.

We offer affordable Hair Color Correction

Hair Color Corrections at Paula M Coiffure are affordable. The price needs to be determined by consultation. A very competitive price in Montreal for the quality of service you receive.

Google Review

''Great job love my hair. Would recommend 100%''

Hanna Falah

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