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Why GET YOUR HAIR Perm at Paula m Coiffure?


2 to 3 hours


Starting from $180  + tax

Creative Possibilities Are Endless With Permanent Wavy Hair

Big, wild curly hair is back from the 80s. It’s not just for those naturally curly haired girls, we take great care to ensure your hair has the perfect waves. Whether you are looking for wavy, spiral or loose perms, our hairstylists will help you pick the best style ensuring the textured, fuller look you always wanted.

At Paula M Coiffure, our highly trained perm specialists use the latest trends and products to ensure the process is effective and long-lasting. We make sure that your hair is left healthy and provide you with right tools and products for your at-home maintenance.

Should You Get Permanent Waves?

You can get the curls that you’ve always dreamed of, plus you won’t have to spend hours each day curling your hair with a curling iron. If you want to save time in styling, money on product and reduce hair damage from heat, then a permanent wave is the way to go. It will not only help your hair to look fuller and more luscious, it will also add a boost just like pros!

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"Best experience I’ve had at a hair salon.
Friendly staff and gave me tips on how to maintain and keep my perm."

Sabrina Colati

How To Get Permanent Waves?

At Paula M Coiffure, we start by discussing the texture and curl that you want, then disulphide bonds are applied to the hair in order to make the hair more flexible before being curled into the perming rods, this mixture will depend on the kind of perm you desire. The rods are places accordingly to what we've discussed and the look that you are going for. A neutralizer is then placed on the hair after the desired amount of time, working to bond your hair into its new curly structure. Two days later you can wash your hair and see your new waves dry naturally.

Different Types of Permanent Waves

Spiral Perm: The finished look is plenty tightly wound spiral curls. Long perm rods create extremely tight, cascading curls or ringlets.

Body Perm: This style produces loose curls and a gentle wave which is great for adding volume and a bit of life to dull hair. The curls will be larger and looser on hair that is naturally quite straight. It works great on people with thin or flat hair.

Loose Wave Perm: This is a wavy curl, perfect to give you volume with a soft natural-looking wavy hair that is perfect for any occasion. The largest rollers are used to create beautiful body hair that is manageable and effortless looking.

Google Review

''The best hair dresser in town! An amazing experience, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair and beauty tips!''

Sarah Kassis

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