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Why GET YOUR hair STRAIGHTENED at Paula m Coiffure?


4 to 5 hours


Starting from $280 + tax

A Hair Straightening solution tailored for you

Our Hair Straightning product use TANINO only. TANINO is a protein therapy 100% natural product. It transforms your curly or frizzy looking hair to straight, beautifully smooth and shiny looking hair. It's a restorative hair treatment that will strenghten your hair shaft and make your hair more resilient. 

Depending on the style you are looking for we have two solutions.

Hair Relaxer

A solution that will relax the curls in your hair.

Full Hair Straightning

A solution that will make your hair straight from 4 to 6 monthes.

We use safe formaldehyde-free Brasilian TANINO

At Paula M Coiffure we use the new generation of formaldehyde-free Brasilian TANINO hair straighteneing product. Brasilian hair straighteners are known to be very effective but were also known to contain Formaldehyde. A chemical that was banned by health canada a few years back. Since the ban, a new generation of formaldehyde-free Brazilian hair straightners were intruduced to the market. These new products are 100% safe but also highly effective.

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How Does Hair Straightening Work?

A stylist applies a keratin hair-straightening product to your hair and then uses the heat of a flat iron to seal it in. The process takes about 90 minutes or longer, depending on your hair's length. You shouldn't wash your hair for three or four days after getting the treatment. That's because the solution takes time to work. After you get a keratin hair treatment, and after the don't-wash waiting period, you should use sodium-sulfate-free shampoo to help maintain the treatment.

Should You Straighten Your Hair?

If you usally style your hair straight, then TANINO hair straightening treatment could shorten your blowdry time by 40% - 60%. You will also notice that your hair is restored to healthier looking hair. You can worry free from walking in humid or rainy days as your hair won't frizz and stay straight! Also TANINO hair straigthening treatment last longer than any other hair smoothing techniques and that is anywhere around 4 to 6 months.

Frequent Questions?

How long will the keratin straightening last?
The results will last between 4 to 6 months, depending on your hair type.
How often should I repeat the keratin straightening treatment?
You must have approximately 4 cm of fresh regrowth, which will take approximately 3 to 4 months.
Will Keratin care for my hair?
TANINO strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient even if you already have good hair type. Visit website:
Is it reversible?
The effects of the service will remain in the hair until it grows out.

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''I had a good time in Paula coiffure. Paula is so nice and she design a really good hairstyle for me. She is patient, friendly and also professional. I am so lucky to find the new place !''

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